Luminova is a 2D puzzle platformer where you play as Fran, a exobotanist exploring a planet for colonial compatibility. Fran must utilize the experimental Light Amplified Magnifier Producer (LAMP) to interact with light and use the flora's odd abilities. But be careful, this planet isn't as peaceful as it seems...

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Team | Wisteria

Peyton Froemming - Producer

Sam Jordan - Game Director, Design Lead


Zachary Logsdon - Technical Lead

Sawyer Goodsel - Graphics Programmer

Aaron Damyen - Engine Programmer

Jeremiah Deckard - Graphics Programmer

Chyler Morrison - Programmer


Grace McClintock - Level Designer


Kaitlin Baird - Art Lead, Technical Artist

Salvatorre Yazzie - Concept & Environment Artist

Yaroslava Cherkashina - Environment Artist

Wayde Scott - Character Artist, Animator


Ian Brey - Audio Lead


Platform: PC

Engine: Custom Engine

Ship Date: May 2018

Production Duration: Oct 2017 - April 2018

Team Role

  • Created paper prototype levels to communicate design intentions to tech and art team.

  • Worked with art team to identify modular level pieces in prototypes for repeated use throughout game.

  • Whiteboxed level design in custom editor.

  • Implemented and playtested levels over the course of production to establish a constant loop of iteration.

  • Prototyped and implemented multiple puzzle mechanics on paper and in-engine.