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Ometllalli initially started as a world bible for an original Aztec-inspired solarpunk world. Since its inception, it has served as the basis for a tabletop RPG for another project of mine. 

World Bible

"The Road to El Dorado and Atlantis: The Lost Empire but with technology reminiscent of Blade Runner where the characters rely on solar energy to power their lives."

The above one-liner comparison served as a basis for the building of Ometlalli, though it ultimately took on a life of its own as the semester progressed. Included in the bible is information on the development of the world, a possible story seed, a character map, a historical timeline and table covering 25 years, a map of the world, locations of the world, flora/fauna, culture design, and a character casting call. 

Ometlalli's world bible is currently undergoing some revisions, but you can find its current version here.

Tabletop RPG

I used the world of Ometlalli as the setting for a tabletop RPG. This RPG uses the Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition System with some edits. Since there is no magic in the world of Ometlalli, all classes and spellcasting have been omitted. Additionally, a Scientist class was created that is a re-skin of the Bard class, but without magic. 

This RPG includes a quick start guide to playing Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition, a character creation section regarding the races of Ometlalli, information on the setting, the adventure itself, four pre-made characters, and a GM controlled NPC. You can find the original version here.

The general structure of this RPG is investigative in nature, with a focus on finding clues that lead the adventurers to the perpetrator of a city-wide conspiracy. There are four written outcomes in the adventure, but, as always, something completely different can happen!


Ship Date: April 2019, December 2019

Production Duration: Jan 2019 - April 2019, Sept 2019 - Dec 2019

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