Team Projects

Once Upon a Flame

A 2D platforming storybook adventure featuring Pip the Elf and Bernie the Flame Spirit. Neither of them realize the genius of Bernie's name. Both of them are being chased by an angry Rain Spirit.


Aldar: the Well of Fate

A 3D puzzle adventure game where Haukrin, an amnesiac avian humanoid, must craft potions to unravel the mystery of where they are and why they are there. Sarcastic ghost-squirrel included!

Aldar Title Screen


A 2D puzzle platformer where you play as Fran, an exobotanist exploring a planet for colonial compatibility. Fran must utilize the experimental Light Amplified Magnifier Producer (or LAMP) to interact with light and use the flora's odd abilities. But be careful, this planet isn't as peaceful as it seems...

Luminova Title Screen